No book but the Bible, No law but Love, No creed but Christ

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"Hi, I'm Sarah, an 18 year old born and raised Colorado Christian, and my dream in life was to be a professionsal Olympic volleyball player. But a few months before I graduated last year that sorta changed .  It started to feel that the path God had for me and the path that I had in mind were not the same thing.  Once I graduated I began to feel confused and almost lost in life.  Everyone was asking me what am I going to do next?  What college am I gonna go to?  And I would tell them a college with a good volleyball program, when in all honesty I had no idea what my next move would be and it scared me to think that I just had to just let go of my volleyball dream.  I got mopey and started questioning what my purpose in life was.  I tried finding myself and confiding in friends, but when one of my closest best friends compleyely disowned me I started 'trying to find my purpose' by working. So I started working various babysitting/cleaning/yard work jobs and kept myself busy, busy, busy so I wouldnt have to think about the past and worry about the future.
Then after many months it had finally gotten to me and with a high fever I just sat alone in my broken down car on the side of the road bawling, thinking of all the things I still have to get done and that I can't have a broken car or fever, theres too much to do!  But then like a snap of a finger, my mind went blank of that stuff and only one thing was in my brain, "Sarah, what are you doing?"  And then I realized I had gotten so focused on staying busy that I had distracted myself from spending personal time talking to God, reading my Bible and telling Him how much I love Him.  So, right then and there I started calling out and giving my all and trusting God with everything I am.  So what if I didn't know my future.  He does and that gave me comfort and after that so many things have been working out.  I don't feel lost and there hasn't been a day since then that I haven't just started laughing and felt His love, guidance joy and comfort.:) I even lost one of my jobs but told God, "I know You are my provider and I won't dwell on this, I will trust in You" and the very next day things started popping up and working out for me about it.
So, even at the worst of times when you feel alone and lost in a void of darkness, God has His arms open wide ready to hold you and take you where you need to go.  Just trust your all to Him."
 Sarah W.